The Tree Light

Part of KAARU’s collection of Lights, this design evokes the feeling of being under the canopy of a big tree. The beauty of branching, leaf details and its dispersion are inspired from The ‘Kadambh’ tree, found in large numbers in Northern India. The design lends itself easily to various combinations of arrangements within a space. Three to five or even up to ten lights, put together in varying diameters, from five to twelve feet and at different heights, would form a grove of Trees which could transform any interior space.

Light emanates from under the canopy of the design filtering through layers of especially handmade fabrics combined with hand embroidered and Appliquu00e9 patterns, as a bright yet soothing glow on the surfaces below.

Each light is hung with special hardware developed at KAARU. It is provided with a lighting system which is supported with an automation system and dimming facility.

project - The Tree Light

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