Residence Interior

Golf Links, New Delhi

The interior design had to be conceived around three iconographic paintings on the leitmotif of Raadha & Krishna and Rama & Sita, by renowned contemporary master Laxma Goud, posing a unique challenge for KAARU. Spaces, surfaces, materials, colors, and even lighting were conceived mainly around adaptations of the mythology and legends of the painting and then blended with the interior. Every piece of furniture is one of a kind, crafted as inseparable part of the interior architecture. Artisans from across India joined hands with the design and production team to bring the adaptations to life.

The flow of water, hand carved in Sandstone that greets the eye as one enters this Abode.

The grove of Kadambh trees and the mesmerized gaze of the cows are depicted against the backdrop of Lapis blue stone, symbolizing Lord Krishnau2019s infinite presence.

A trail of Cows helplessly drawn by a mystical sound emerging from within a tree. Lord Krishna, completely hidden by the foliage, is playing the flute.

project - Residence Interior- Golf Links, New Delhi

completed in - 2015

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