A giant Art Installation for Pratham in London

Believed to be World’s largest hand cut paper Chandelier, measuring over hundred feet by fifty feet, the light was installed in the historic building of Old Billings Gate in London to raise funds for the education of Pratham school children in India.
Upon its unveiling at a Gala event at the Billings Gate hall, the Installation raised over two million Pounds in September of 2011.

Five thousand drawing books were distributed and then received back from hundreds of Pratham schools across nine states of India at KAARU. The pages came alive with rainbow dreams, stories, doodles and spontaneous jottings marked in them by the kids.

These leafs from the drawing books were then hand embellished by traditional artisans from Mathura, using a technique called Saanjhi (a traditional art form of hand cut paper), transforming them as screen panels for the u2018Lightu2019.

The project was driven by the enthusiasm and dynamism of Pratham UK & Pratham India. A very large team of artisans, structural experts, metal workers, carpenters and designers working with KAARU came together with a team of assemblers, engineers, lighting experts and an event management group from UK, to realize this giant feat for Pratham.

project - Art Installation for Pratham in London

completed in - 2011

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