Corporate Office

Jindal Pipes & Jindal Drilling, Gurugram

Invited to create a major impact within a massive lobby space of a corporate office, KAARU in 2006 had initiated a unique design and process story working with Stainless Steel considered as one of the most transformative materials of the post Industrial era. Keeping the material only as a cue, narratives of tradition and technology were inter- woven for the viewer, through a series of Art Installations within the lobby space.

Stainless Steel a rapidly produced material is transformed by hands into riverside rock forms, which nature takes centuries to shape. Thus, a shift is made in the perception of time, from extremely fleeting to a sense of timelessness, through this material.

Close to the Stainless Steel Installation, a forty by fifteen feet mural, hand-carved in Gwalior Sandstone, known to be produced over millions of years, is located as a comparison in our sense of time. The Mural depicts water in the ‘Ocean of Infinity’, found in the stories of ‘Patachitra’ (Palm leaf) paintings of Orissa, in Eastern India. The idea of ‘ever-present’ time, in swirling movement of lines, is made tangible to the observer.

project - Office Lobby, Jindal Pipes & Jindal Drilling, Gurgaon

completed in - 2016

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