Art and Cultural Centre, Vijayanagar, Bellary, Karnataka

Kaladham is an International Arts and Cultural Centre, part of the JSW Foundation’s initiative for bringing awareness about India’s living heritage. It is a hub that inspires traditional as well as contemporary artists and performers across boundaries in India to collaborate, learn and try out new narratives from within their existing domains of creativity.

It is a home to an internationally acclaimed Museum, Place Hampi along with Performance galleries and courts, Museum Shop & Cafe, OAT, Dance Hall, Library, Conference and Exhibition facilities within its lush ten acre campus.

The Centre was successfully built with a vision to have a small environmental footprint. Resources and manpower for construction were garnered almost entirely from within a thirty miles radius of Bellary in Karnataka.

project - Kaladham, Vijyanagar, Bellary, Karnataka

completed in - 2012

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